hi thanks for watching I’m Tyler from electric shaver guide.com and this is a list of the top five electric shavers just very quickly before we jump into the list I just want to mention that this is not solely based on shaving performance there is a bit of a scoring weight which factors into the ratings shaving performance represents 40% value-for-money represents 30% and user reviews represents 15% the other 15% represents special features and maintenance costs you can find more information on all these shavers and how I rate them by visiting electric shaver guide.com so let’s jump right into it at number five we have the Panasonic arc 5 shavers so both the es lv8 1k and the L v6 1a and remember the only difference between these models is that the 8 1k comes with the cleaning station where the 6 1a is just the razor itself price is really the only reason these shavers are in the number 5 spot if this was solely based on shaving performance it would be a serious contender for the number 1 spot but as of right now it’s still around $100 more than any other similar shaver but if you want the newest and the most advanced model this is it and it’s generally recommended for those with thick beards moving on in the number 4 spot we have before bladed Panasonic es la 9th root kit before the five bladed lb models came out this was Panasonic’s best shaver and for most people it’s probably all they need it’s a very popular shaver and you can get a great deal by opting in for the razor only option which is the es la 6 3 X the same shaver just without a cleaning station this is also recommended for those with an average too thicker beer and it’s rated above the five bladed shavers because it’s quite a bit cheaper and for most people it’s probably all they need and at number three we have the braun series 3 and specifically the 340 s4 which is one of the wet shaving options and you can also opt in for a cleaning station with this model as well as a razor only option as a mid-level shaver this is a really good deal and consumers seem to agree it’s very comfortable and highly recommended for anyone with a medium beer those with very thick facial hair should probably upgrade to something a bit more powerful in the number 2 spot we have the panasonic es eight to four 9s which has been one of the best rated shavers on the market for quite some time it’s also recommended for an average or medium beard and offers really good value for your money you can opt in for the razor only option to save even more and that would be the ES 8 2 for 3a this may not perform the best but when you factor in everything such as price reviews and features this definitely deserves a spot in the top 3 personally I have a pretty thick beard and I actually took the shaper with me when I travelled for 3 months I was quite satisfied with it considering at a time I was shaving about 3 days worth of growth quite often so overall for the average beard this is highly recommended but if you do have thick facial hair you should probably upgrade to something a bit more advanced finally in the number one spot we have the bronze series 7 and specifically in the 790 CC I personally feel this is the most comfortable shaver and apart from Panasonic’s new five bladed models it does perform noticeably better than other shavers what sets it apart from the new five bladed models is the price at certain times in the year you can get it for under 200 dollars by visiting the website and right now that’s quite a bit cheaper than the arc five models overall it gets one of the highest ratings for performance and based on other factors such as price user reviews feedback that I’ve received it does deserve the number one spot on this list remember it’s always important for you to consider your type of facial hair when choosing an electric shaver keep in mind this top 5 list did factoring things like value for money user reviews along with shaving performance so it’s important to check out the full reviews to find a shaver that’s right for you you can do that through the link below or directly head over to electric shaver guide calm with dashes click on reviews check out the shaver you want more information on find out what’s in the box how to clean it the overall design inspects how it performs watch a quick video then find links to some of the best sales prices if you want more information on how to choose a shaver or how I rate the shavers find the links on the screen right now and if you found this useful you can subscribe through the button on the screen and you can also visit the Facebook page as well like always whatever shaver you do choose I hope you get good results