hi this is Michael and this is my review of the philips norelco electric shaver model s 73-70 now I’m basically a safety razor kind of guy I’ve been using a razor for years I’ve used an electric razor a few times but I had an opportunity to receive this and so I was looking forward to seeing just how good an electric shaver can be and I’m really happy to say right up front that I’m amazed that this can give as close a shave as it does so it’s very comfortable in the hand you can see it’s got three floating heads here and this really does go around your face all the undulations pretty well there’s a simple on/off button here and it actually operates a lot quieter than I thought it would so this head comes off for easy cleaning and then once you get the head off you can run it under warm water actually can run it under warm water when it’s still on the shaver itself you can also take the the blades right out like this and again you can rinse this out with hot water in between shapes so it’s really easy to clean however this thing here this is also how you can clean this and this has a also the ability to charge it so you put it in like this you push the bottom down and then there’s a power button here if you turn this off it’s just going to charge the the shaver and if you turn this on this button here will run a cleaning solution in here and it goes through its cycle so that is a great way to maintain the blades as well you also get a nice little travel case which is really my primary way that I’m going to use this is for travel because like I said I really like the safety razor but this will be great for travel and you also get a trimmer and this works really well as well I’m going to stop this in the middle of its cycle here it’ll be a little wet but in order to use the trimmer you just put it on like this and you have a great trimmer it’s great for doing your sideburns touching up your moustache even around your neck it really works quite well quite happy with how it works so the important thing to remember is you just pull these pieces off you don’t twist them and this one here you might want which way does it go this way well there’s actually a little notch here and you just make sure that you line that up with the shaver and then just push it straight down this gives me a really great shave every once in a while I get a little ouch you know it kind of grabs onto a whisker and just pulls it but I guess that’s to be expected with an electric shaver overall I’m quite pleased with it I don’t know that I care for this thing so much it takes up a lot of space and there’s an ongoing cost to having this – they do recommend that you replace the blades once a year when those blades are going to run you about 50 bucks so there is an ongoing expense to using this but for the convenience it really works well so it all takes about an hour to charge it and you should get probably they say 50 minutes of shaving before you’ll need to charge again I have a very light beard so I just charge it every time I’m done using it if you have any questions leave me a comment i’ll answer it if i can otherwise thanks for watching have a great day