hey everyone it’s Leo bond back once again for the best buy can at a plugin blog and this time I’m taking a look at the all-new Philips one blade electric shaver which is a wet or dry use shaver with a very unique look it actually kind of reminds me of a typical manual razor only bulkier and yet it’s got all the convenience of a very nice electric model and then some actually I think so what we’re going to do is we’re going to get into the details of this thing and I’m going to do a little bit of a shaving demo for you and then by the end of the video I’ll let you know what I thought okay the Philips one blade electric shaver is a bit of an interesting concept in the world of men’s shaving its motto is one blade to trim edge and shave any length of hair and what’s interesting about this is that many men actually require multiple different tools to do all these jobs effectively so we’ll see if the one blade can live up to its model now to give this thing a proper test I had to refrain from shaving for ten or twelve days or so just to have some decent growth to work with and while I may look remarkably like sasquatches half brother I am in fact in no way whatsoever relate it to Bigfoot we’ve looked into it anyway what I’m doing here in the demo is shaving one side of my face dry and that’s the first clip and then I’m shaving the other side wet so with foam lather and I’m leaving a bit of a goatee in the middle so that we can pry out the edging on this thing as well and see how it performs so the one blade takes eight hours to fully charge and that’ll get you about 45 minutes of total shaving time but you can shave very quickly with this thing and if I wasn’t fooling around trying to make a video of showing my shave I could have probably done a complete job in just two to three minutes so for me who only shaves maybe every three or so days anyway a full charge of the one blade should give me about a solid month of shaving use the one blade also comes with three different trimming attachments referred to by Philips as stubble combs and the cutting lengths for those are one millimeter three millimeters and five millimeters and while I don’t have much use for the attachments myself I did give them a bit of a test to see if they would stay in place on the blade nice and firmly and they did just fine so very very useful for anyone that wants to maintain a close beard or sideburns or mustache or whatever so the cutting edge on the one blade is dual sided meaning you can shave an either an upward or downward motion unlike with a manual razor where you’d actually have to turn it upside down to do opposite direction shaving and it’s extremely comfortable to use as well it’s got what Phillips calls their dual protection system and all that means is that it’s got rounded tips and the glide coating that work together to protect your skin while shaving and to make things just a little bit more comfortable now part of the reason for the dual edged blade is to provide excellent edging as I was going for with the goatee here but I was in no way trying to achieve a perfect or permanent goatee it was just meant to be temporary so my edging wasn’t exactly the best job I did it kind of sloppy but that’s certainly not the shavers fault the shaver actually does a very good job at edging and I was very impressed with the one blade finding that overall it really does live up to every aspect of its model now while I prefer a dry shave every time myself I did find that the wet shave was every bit as effective as a dry shave and that both were entirely comfortable moreover while the closeness of the shade was better than I really could have hoped for from an electric shaver it certainly wasn’t the closest shave that I’ve ever had by any means but then again I doubt there’s an electric shaver in existence that can truly rival a manual razor blade when it comes to shaving closeness so I wasn’t exactly expecting perfection on that front and that’s all I’m going to say about the Philips one blade electric shaver today aside from the fact that I very highly recommend it to pretty much anyone or even as a gift from a wife or a girlfriend your children whatever I just really really loved this thing it’s quite possibly one of the best products that I’ve ever reviewed for Best Buy and I certainly intend to keep on using it myself now if you enjoyed this video and found it useful please give it a like or share and if you enjoy electric razor reviews or shaving videos in general then you probably shouldn’t bother subscribing because this was pretty much a one-off deal and I really don’t know if or when I might ever have another electric shaver to review however my typical content focuses on reviewing toys and tech gadgets so if that’s your thing then maybe that might be reason enough to subscribe in any case until next time this is leo bond signing off and saying thanks everyone for watching and have an excellent day