hey guys what’s up man with my husband killed Isis and we showed you the Phillips aqua touch razor a few days back and in this video I am going to give you a light demo of how effective it is when it comes to shaving so before I start this video let me closely show you the stage of I shave right now before I am starting this video I am recording this in a mirror so it’s a mirror image so you may find things like logos etc in mirror image and this is a wet and dry shaver and I prefer using it with a little bit of foam or at least applying some water too moist my skin before I start shaving and I’ll also quickly compare this with a conventional razor so I will shave this part of my face with the electric razor and this part with the razor and quickly show you the effect also the sir Philips razor comes with this attachment which is the trimmer attachment for trimming this part where you need a flat edge which is probably not achieved very effectively with these circular blades that you have here these circular blades shave only a certain length of your shave and stubble it leaves a very my new stubble behind and does not very clean shave just like a conventional razor blade would do so I’ll quickly moist my skin with water I am not applying any foam here just for the sake of for giving you a clearer view of how it works you can apply the phone it will be smoother and will give you a less feel that you are using some sort of shaver you require to charge it for 8 hours before you start using it and it will give you 30 minutes of shaving time to start you just need to press this bar button here and you can hear the sound its operating it’s a very very flexible you just need to move it across your skin it has multiple angles at which operates and that the blades also come with this movement so it gives you a good contour of your face so it covers the contour anyway so this is after a quick shave and it does not require too much effort shaving the chin part can be a bit tricky so I am just deliberately trying to shave only right-hand side of my face here which may have BR left on the mirror so this is how the results are after shaving and this is the other side of the face which has not been shaved and now let me try the elect the conventional razor blade that we have here this is a three blade system that I use slow L again to the same moist it with a little bit of water and clean it it for sure gives a cleaner shave of closer shape because it uses razor blades which are sharper and go much closer to the skin but at the same time this is more susceptible to give you cuts and if you are in hurry then this can be dangerous if you have plenty of time and caution then this is a cleaner shave as you can observe compared to this one which is not very close but at the same time it is looking nice and hygienic so if you are in a hurry and do not have time to use a blade you can use the Philips a quad touch electric shaver and is recent shape but this will not be as close as what you would get with a conventional razor but at the same time it’s very comfortable to use it gives you a trouble-free shaving you don’t need to bother about cutting your skin accidentally because it is very very flexible and it has certain protection mechanism in which it does not come in direct contact with your skin so blades are always a half a millimeter or a few millimeters away from the skin which keeps the shave not so close but at the same time it gives you much more safety and gives you shave which is not perfect but it is close to what you can go to your office with and in no time you can shave your face with this and there is this attachment which I would show want to show you here so the head comes off and you can attach this thing this is the primer attachment and once you start that you can fill the sides precisely in a flash way to the level that you would want this is much required with these circular blades which should not go flat here so after you have done that you remove this attachment put the normal head back this way and go closer and clean off the parts and you just see this blood mark this is the blade side and this is the Philips on either side which has no cuts so this one is more susceptible to give you accidental cuts like this and this one is comparatively much safer this is already have on this review of the Philips a quad edge wet and dry multi head adjustment razor if you enjoyed watching this video don’t forget to give us a thumbs up if you want to become one for yourself I’m leaving direct links in the description section below where you can pick up one and the best price this is a nifty gadget that you can have in your collection and use it for daily shaving purpose if you enjoyed watching this video give us a thumbs up and subscribe for more videos from intellect I justice Jose with Cronus anymore thanks for watching