what’s up YouTube Cyprus collectibles here with a product review and I don’t normally do a lot of product reviews but I just bought a product that I really enjoy a lot and I want to do a review because all of the other video reviews on YouTube they like sponsored reviews bran is kind of amazing internet advertising division ligo’s because it seems like they set up a bunch of these for free to a bunch of youtubers and exchange for review a lot of them got free razors to Buzz agent and I don’t know I just don’t trust those reviews all those reviews don’t have any negative things to say about this razor now I think it is an incredible razor and my reviews gonna be mostly positive but I want to give an honest review cuz there are some there are a couple negatives this to this piece that the need to be pointed out and I don’t see any other reviewers pointing to that okay so first of all let’s just get this out of the way I bought this razor myself ok $311 I bought it on August 15th this year that’s probably what the best price you’re going to find I got this at Best Buy Amazon usually has it for 311 sometimes they’ll go you know 308 299 but 311 is pretty much one of the best prices Walmart had this for 378 which I don’t think was worth it so this is this is a legitimate purchase I purchased this myself and you gave my varnish review now I want to say I’ve been a wet razor shaver for most of my life 45 years old I’ve been shaving since I was about fifteen or sixteen thirty years I guess and always just shaved with disposable razors Mach 3 Gillette Fusion you know whatever I just buy whatever sometimes I’ll buy a pack of the disposable sometimes I’ll buy some of the expensive refill cartridges but I’m an edge gel guy always that shaving cream always shave before I take a shower in the morning and hate-hate shape and about five years ago I got a new Elko electric razor as a Christmas gift and I thought oh this is good cool you know me know maybe maybe they’ve approved the technology this is of course the the kind of those three rotary blades and it was terrible it tore up my skin couldn’t do the job so I was pretty much down with electric razors until this one this braun series nine came on my radar okay and let me just say let’s get let’s say one thing right off the bat this thing is incredible i the first time i usually i had a three-day stubble which is that’s definitely the weak point in any electric razor and it just tore through it and it gave me a really close shave i was just shocked now is it as close as their regular razor no but it was it was damn close I was really really surprised so the razor is great and I’m not going to lie it performs admirably and probably the best thing about this razor aside from the fact that it does the job is it doesn’t get hot even the broad series seven which I’d try in front of my head with those I try them those definitely norelco robberies they get really warm and they even if they don’t chew up your skin like by the time you’re shaving for a few minutes it’s like you’re burning your face this doesn’t get hot I love it so but there are a couple negatives with this razor and I want to point them out because nobody ever points the matter first negative is the build now the build quality feels pretty good it feels pretty solid your hand it’s light fits in your hand but this is all plastic all of this chrome is plastic even around here around the head this is all this right here where my thumb is this is all plastic very lightweight and this thing’s got a much more substantial motor in it than the series seven so I’m sure they had to take some of the weight off that kind of balance it out but you know when you look at some of the older razors the series 5 series 3 even the series 7 this was all metal it felt like you know if something broke in your house you could probably beat them to death with your razor in self-defense this thing I swear to god if I were to drop this or smack it I’m 99% sure to crack especially the handle so that’s a huge negative for 300 blocks man I know they’re doing some incredible things with polymers and plastics now and but this is a big plastic razor and that’s kind of disappointing especially from Braun and if this razor didn’t have such outstanding performance that would probably be a deal-breaker for me right off the bat but now the the replacement heads are available so if I do break this it’s not a problem I still like it okay now they’re negative on this thing has this beard trim in the back almost useless I guess if you want to trim the edge of your mustache or maybe a straight hair off your eyebrows that’s fine but if you go like 45 days of that shaving need to kind of trim down get the length of your beard before you shave that’s this is not going to do it this is just perfect read best okay another negative the base the base cleaning station which is an awesome system and an awesome idea it has a very short cord so luckily I had a little power outlet here right next to my sink but I mean if I want to put this thing in the other other side of the sink you could just see that’s not happening so you’re going to have to have a power outlet somewhere all your on your on your counter close to where you’re going to be shaving okay and what else about this razor um it has four heads in the center has these two foil heads and the two two in the center and the series 7 has three so you think well I really going to pay extra hundred bucks for that one extra row I think they did more than that the technology this thing is unbelievable I’m going to try and I’m going to wait a couple days I just shaved this morning before I decided to take this and and I’m gonna wait a couple days and tack on a demo if I could tape it correctly at the end of this video because a lot of the guys reviewing this razor online it’s kind of embarrassing that you know they don’t have good beards I’ve seen a couple guys reviewing this going to shave by three days growth and I’m like dude you couldn’t grow a full beard if you tried there’s some really wimpy beards out there I have a pretty substantial growth a pretty substantial stubble and this thing mows down so I’ll do I’ll try to tack out a demo and another negative about this thing’s this chrome is a fingerprint night when you first get this thing take it out of the box admire and take a photo of it because it’s never gonna look so good again it’s going to get fingerprints all over it they do make an all black one but for some reason it’s only available in Europe maybe you order it online but this chrome versus one that’s available in the US and it’s a fingerprint magnet another negative kind of this is advertised as a wet-dry shaver this is the 9:09 5-cc okay wet/dry for braun means you can what you can use it the shower but you can’t use this with shaving cream and for a lot of people wet wet/dry electric shaver makes use of a shaving cream or dry personally I think if you’re going to use shaving cream an electric razor you’re an idiot I mean that’s just a lot of extra time it’s probably the most inefficient way to do it I tend to use a little electric shave slap a little that on your face it kind of braces your skin makes the hair stand up right before you shave that will improve the performance but this thing is great so overall my review is extremely positive no less positive than all the hundreds of other reviews that are on YouTube already however I bought this myself that this is not a sponsorship and I just think it works great after 30 years I’m honestly going to switch full-time to using this it is it is just incredibly efficient I used to have a huge problem the times I’ve used electric razors in past like yeah the great in the cheeks maybe the mustache but either the neck was a nightmare this thing just mows everything off my neck I don’t have to really pull my skin tight or anything it’s just it’s a beast so it fits right into the cleaning station you just pop it in there of course a cord to close just pop it right in there charges up that will into care tells me it’s time to be cleaned when you tie it when just push the button to run through a cycle I’m not gonna go through the features there’s plenty of videos you do that but I want to give an honest review because I just didn’t think that there were a lot of unbiased reviews out there at this incredible razor and so let’s go to the demo okay I’m going to attempt to shave here I don’t have a good tripod or anything so I’m just doing handheld camera we’ll see how this works I haven’t shaved like two and half days got a pretty good growth let’s give this intro give it a whirl here all right away boom check it out smooth I mean I barely went over this usually you know electric razor you’re going to go over yourself a lot of times nailed it let’s look at the juniors in the next problem area for a lot of like razors with the neck you’ll have to press down very hard with this razor either like light o’clock press the skin or just great works fantastic fantastic look at this over here because Mo’s it down alright realize this is not the best demo in fact it’s probably pretty poor but you get the idea that my product review is true dude this is a serious serious razor okay so just a couple quick final thoughts over all this this razor is a strong recommend if you’re an electric razor shaver I would buy it if you have a Serie seven Braun I think the decision might be a little bit more difficult because even though you’re getting an extra head in there and I think the performance isn’t I really believe that performance is like a generation generational upgrade and the shaving technology if you have a series 7 and you upgrade in this all plastic razor you might be disappointed so there’s my review the braun series 9 big thumbs up