all right so just got a new haircut I don’t know what do you guys think about this new hairstyle hey guys my name is mark humphreys welcome to marks bucket this is my first product review and I’m super excited about it the people over at Braun and Expo TV sent me this Braun series 5 razor and they’re like shave a face with it tell us what you think about it and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do so this is the Braun series 5 it’s the wet versus dry version so it’s got this cool lockout feature a swiveling head I don’t know it’s really slick looking so what I found in the past is that these razors don’t work as well with such a dense beard so when I was like 17 I definitely got sold on this Braun Series 3 razor and it has some of the same engineering specs but as soon as my beard started getting more dense I felt like it didn’t work as well and that it took way more time to shave my face than with a regular like mach3 razor so I’m definitely excited to try out this new series 5 razor to see if anything has changed so the game plan is to use this Braun razor with all of its attachments on this side of my face and then to compare the time and the cut quality of this mach3 razor with this wall trimmer on this side my face so here it goes so now that game plan is to do one pass dry and then finish off wet because I guarantee that the what cut is going to be way smoother and way easier on my face so just based on it being dry I think it actually performed really well I’m really impressed with how smooth this is and how not irritated my skin is obviously you can see a little bit of red but I think that might have been from the tremor side so we’ll see how the end product looks but now it’s time for the web so you can tell that you couldn’t really get into the tight definition of my right here where I split the line but overall this I’m really impressed with like the smoothness of this obviously I could just take the dry part and just kind of touch up a little few hairs that I missed but other than that I is really quick I mean I loved it I’m very impressed and now let’s see how it compares with the cut quality of the other side of my face well I want to give you guys a sense of which side feels better from a third-party perspective so this is my dad and this is where I get this amazing beard skill from so dad give a feel to each side and tell me which one feels better were you in ok ok maybe this side barely ok so this is the real razor so there you have it guys although my dad did pick the traditional side of my face is the softer side I will say that this difference is not that large and I’m still very impressed the dry shave on this side of my face I think that’s so fast effective and I think my previous misconceptions about you know these shavers not being able to handle like such a dense beard and having it take more time I think this razor really blew those out of the water thanks so much for watching guys I hope you enjoyed this review and if you did then definitely press that like button or let me know in the comment section below thanks to bran and to Expo TV for sending me this razor so I could try it out and if you guys want to see where I took this picture then definitely click that video over there because last year about this time I was in Washington DC for the tulips and the cherry blossoms and everything like that it was beautiful and I had a great time so click that video over there and I’ll see you guys next time