confuse about what the difference is between rotary and foil electric shavers each have different benefits and features to enhance your shaving experience but how do you determine which is better suited to you if you’re keeping your eye out for quality electric shavers products from Philips Braun Panasonic and Remington have a reputation for being practical easy to use and great value for money these guys always offer top of the range quality and the latest technology to deliver exceptional results selected models of the Philips aqua touch and manufactured in Holland if you haven’t tried rotors before these shavers are a fantastic starting point as they are easy to use and are of the highest of quality all aqua touch models are exclusive to shave a shop and with a 60-day money-back guarantee you really can’t go wrong if you’re considering a foil shaver braun and panasonic are both reputable and reliable brands to take a look at unlike rotary shavers oils are best used in long straight motions over the face because the blades are positioned underneath a rectangular shape metallic foil the foil remains still while the cutter blocks moves from side to side and cuts the hair as a enters through the holes the Braun Series 5 and 7 shavers have active lift technology that literally lifts the hair up from the root in order to cut it evenly and as close to the skin as possible this range also features sonic technology that uses micro vibrations and a pivoting head to capture more hair and reach those thicker spots for a more effective and efficient shave the Braun series 5 and 7 shavers are both manufactured in Germany and also come with a 60-day money-back guarantee another great range of fall shavers are the Panasonic wet and dry models these shavers have the flexibility to be used with or without foam or gel they also have arc blades with nano technology which basically means they cut the hair at a perfect angle to ensure a closed clean shave every time they also have a linear motor that can power through the thickest beard growth with less pull and irritation selected models from panasonic come with a 60-day money-back guarantee so now you are aware of the main differences between foil and rotary shavers as well as some of the options out there which one is best for you the main things to consider are your skin type and beard density if you have sensitive skin that is prone to irritation would recommend you opt for a full shaver as they tend to be less harsh on the skin whereas rotaries are a great choice for those with a regular to tough growth if you’re still unsure what is best for you the friendly and knowledgeable expert staff here at the shaver shop are always here to help