hi everyone my kids monkey reviews in this film going to be showing you the Brawn series 9 909 5 cc premium wet and dry shaver which also comes with the advanced clean and charged station the series 9 is the latest series for the borns electric shavers and this one is the highest on shall I say the flagship model of this series and let’s just take a look on the side here here are a few details about the special blades here so first you’ve got a hyper lift and cut trimmer then we have the direct and cut trimmer this one here is designed to capture hairs growing in different directions then we’ve got the octave coil to see here so it says two times oxy foil for perfect closeness that lasts longer bonds most advanced foil structure then we have the sonic technology the sonic technology with 10000 micro vibrations per minute reads your face and adapts to the density of your beard and then finally the fully flexible shaving system for a maximum facial adaptability Braun’s unique combination of pivoting shaver head and individually floating cutting elements so they are the main features of the shaver head if we turn the box again there we go so first of all we have the multi head lock there’s five adjustable angles for a precise shave then it’s a skin friendly position trimmer for perfect mustache and sideburns shaping precise LED battery display with hygiene and travel lock indicator so it’s also waterproof up to five meters for Forsch ability this is also really good as well you know if you’re let’s just say you’ve just had a bath then or you’ve had you’ve got two baths running you actually dropped your shaver in at least you know it’s not going to break now I’ve done this before with probably about two shavers in the past well there haven’t been waterproof and they’ve just been rendered useless and as you know a lot of money to lose when you accidentally do that the other thing as well is it’s rechargeable always good and it’s powered with a lithium ion a battery yeah full recharge in one hour or you can do a five minute quick charge for one shave and the battery lasts for 50 minutes of Cordish shaving and finally it comes with a premium leather pouch okay so I’ve actually already unboxed this so this isn’t a true unboxing video just a little note though that there was some sticky tape on the sides here that will very discreet once you’ve got that I’m done you can then just flip up the box like so so anyway I’m going to show you the box contents so first thing included is an instruction manual of course pretty much every product comes with on and it is very handy to have a little look through and also on the back here it says here to know down when you when you first bought it because that way in eighteen months time you know this is a reference and you should really replace the head secondly is the leather pouch which actually looks really nice the only thing that I would kind of comment for an improvement would be to have a just a little area which you can store the cleaning brush which is also included so I’ve ever little pouch that way you’ll just keep it nice and secure so you won’t have to worry about it flying out when you open it that’s just one criticism that I would recommend then we have the clean end charge dock so you can press this button which pops this out this is for the clean and renew solution if you were to use this as to say if you were to clean your razor every single day this will last about three weeks of C if you don’t clean it every day then it’s going to last a lot longer and you have the power cable this is used to either charge the shaver directly or you can put it into the charge and cleaning document station and then we have the 909 v CC electric shaver which looks very smart unfortunately though this really nice chrome finish does get easily fingerprint marked as you can already see that it does have some smears already so let’s take a look around the shaver first of all on the bottom you have the D charging port if you want to give it a quick charge without using the dog on the front here you’ve got the button with an LED just below that it will tell you the battery al for that is and if it needs cleaning it will show a water drop then just above that is just a little bit of extra grip but it’s also a slider for the head which I’ll talk about in a second along with the grip you’ve got some on the back really nice rubber really really grippy and then in the middle of that you’ve got this trimmer which in my experience isn’t actually that good that’s just my opinion like when I’ve used this it it hasn’t really been satisfactory results now the main head right and the moments locked in but you can see here it’s got a really nice pivoting movement and this can be locked into place by sliding this down so as you can see that’s now locked into place it can be moved whilst it’s locked in but it does take some force okay so the new foils and the other trimmers up here you can see that they freely move so as is going around the contours of your face this is flexing around really well so it does make the shaving experience very pleasant indeed and also the top it can be taken off very easily just by pressing these in on the sides this means that you can give this quick rinse and also clean this bit as well as for doing the proper cleaning process with the clean and charged dock is very very easy to use I’m going to show you that now so now I’m going to show you how to use the clean and charging dock for the Bourne series 9 so first of all I would recommend just so you’re not moving this around is to plug in the power cable okay so that’s now in I’ll fully plug it in a bit later but I don’t want to tip this upside down with solution in it and then press this button here to pop the bottom open there we go then you’ve got your cleaning renew solution you want to open this up again I’d be careful because this stuff is very flammable so then what you want to do is you want to just insert this underneath and then push this back down so if you haven’t got a shaving outlet you will need to get an adapter there you go so I’m now about to power this in and then it in to insert your shaver you want to push it in like this and then pull it back you will see there you’ve got everything in lighting up and then you just press this on button the dog goes through a cleaning cycle of roughly three minutes and then after that it will take about 40 minutes obvious your electric shaver but once it’s complete you know it’s cleaned charged lubricated disinfected and has dried your electric shaver which is going to keep it maintained to the highest of standard so now that’s all shown is this a good shaver yes it is apart from this little trimmer here on the back which does let it down it’s actually a very good product now you do need to let’s just say you haven’t used this type of shaver before I would recommend looking into the best ways of using it first of all you need to shave on your skin at a 90 degree angle there’s a must otherwise it’s not going to do the job properly and also in some areas you might need to stretch your skin out so it gets tightened a bit this will make it a lot easier to cut because if you do it wrong you get a think that this absolutely sucks and I know I did at the beginning but when you get used to it it actually does a very good job so would I recommend it absolutely anyway guys thank you for watching and I hope this videos helped