what is up everybody Larry back with you and today we’re in my bathroom so what we’re going to be doing in my bathroom today is we’re going to be discussing the Braun Series 9 this is an amazing electric razor I’m not using an electric razor guy but I guess it’s about two weeks ago and I’ve been using it daily and I’ve been really really impressed with it now you’ll see here that I haven’t been using it daily in the last couple days because I wanted to get some good stubble going for this video so you guys can see what this Ranger can really do so go through some of the features on the razor right now not only the razor but you get a travel case and all leather travel case which is really really nice but then the main feature aside from the razor itself the advanced clean and charging station the charging station does five different things one it cleans more hygienic than tap water charges for maximum battery power at all times lubricates with each cleaning for long-lasting cutting efficiency intelligent program selection for optimal fluid consumption extra fast drying because it has a built-in fan now that’s all from the box so I’ve been using it for two weeks and I would say all that stuff sounds good but the real-world application is that it cleans really really well it feels really good on your face and it’s always charged because it’s in the dock so some of the features of the actual shaver you have a multi head lock with five adjustable angles for precise shave you have a precision shaver for getting like around your mustache or your sideburns you have an LED display with hygiene and travel lock indicator it’s waterproof up to five meters and fully washable it’s wet it’s a wet and dry shaver so you can use it in or out of the shower again it’s rechargeable you can do a quick 5 minute charge and get one full shave full recharge takes about an hour and without charging it like if you’re on the road or you’re traveling you can get 50 minutes with it being completely cordless I have tried electric razors in the past and they’ll leave I usually get an irritation down in this area of my neck and I have yet to have with this one so I think two weeks in it’s safe to say I’m not going to be seeing that the feel of this thing in your hand is just amazing it’s the Chrome everything about it looks good but the actual comfort the ergonomics of it is really really great I haven’t had any weird positions or anything where I wish it was different so it’s worked out really really well so let’s go through the the actual razor the blue area there that is the lift and cut trimmer too so if you have hairs laying down like on the your neck and chin that actually lay against your skin this will actually lift it up right above that you have the direct cut and trimmer and then you have the the foils on each end which make sure you get a very very close shave so now that we went through all that as you can see I need a shave so let’s put it through its paces [Music] all right so I cleaned up a little bit because of being underwater and shaving is just not realistic but I wanted to show you guys what this thing can actually do and it was not bad under the water so if you find yourself under the water and you need to shave this will do the job but in all reality this is an amazing product I’ve had nothing but great experience with it I would highly recommend it if this is a electric razor you guys are looking for the braun series 9 you can’t go wrong so I will see you guys in the next video bye