hi there this is Taemin from electric shaver guide comm and today we’re going to do a review of the Braun Series seven seven nine DCC I’ve been using this shape for the last several weeks I am a big fan but today we’re going to try to do a thorough and fair review so let’s get started right away we’re going to throw up a bit of a table of contents in case you want to jump ahead to different sections or you can just watch the whole review straight through you let’s find out what you get inside the box of the braun series seven seven nine DCC and just a quick point the braun nine five nine five is the same model and the braun 760 CC is very similar to this one the only difference is this one has a quick clean feature and the battery displays a bit different so you’re going to get of course the electric razor itself you’re going to get one month supply of the braun clean of a new liquid you can get a little traveling case cleaning brush a set of instructions electrical cord and of course the charging base and the cleaning station just a quick point on traveling it does accommodate you if you want to travel because you can use that electric cord directly with the shaver to use it and of course you can clean this razor manually so you don’t always need to take the base with you if you’re going to travel so let’s go ahead and look a bit more detailed into this clean and renewable the cleaning system with the shaver is pretty awesome I must say every time you’re finished a shave just put your shaver in the base it’s going to clean it sterilize it charge it and you’re ready for your next sub shake so personally it’s a feature that I’m a big fan of but of course it does come with a bit of an added expense within the box you’re going to get one month supply of the braun clean and renew liquid and within a month if you used it every day it’s going to run out so you can buy more Bronto renew packs and they go for about five dollars a pack user you buy them in a set of three for fifteen dollars and you can buy these at Best Buy Walgreens or you can shop for them online so five dollars a month six dollars a year is a bit of an added expense personally for the luxury of having your shaver clean I am a big fan of it and I don’t mind paying but some people will say of course 60 bucks extra a year is a bit too expensive so there are certain ways around this expense the first way around this expense is to just use the Braun clean and renew system perhaps every other day to do a manual clean once a day run it through the system the other day that’s going to push five dollars for two months thirty dollars a year not too big of an expense at all if you want it to be very thrifty you can perhaps just run the cleaning system once a week and do a manual clean six days a week so the only thing with that is that once you put this liquid within the base after about eight weeks whether you use it or not some of it is going to evaporate and you will be blue some of it so what you can do is once you remove this cap keep the cap and you can actually store it outside of the base to save some of the liquid so run it through the system once a week remove it put the cap back on and then just do a manual clean for the other dates of the week so that’s two ways around the expense like I said I’m personally happy to pay five dollars to have my shaver cleaned sterilized after every use I think it’s a bit of a luxury anything it’s a great feature but if you don’t want to pay that of course there are certain ways around the expense so let’s go ahead and set this whole shaver up you got your base here just going to plug the cord into the side and plug that into the electric outlet and you’re good to go and you’re going to get your clean and renew liquid and of course peel the top off and you can save that top because of what we mentioned earlier about removing this and storing it if you want and you’re just going to take the base and be careful not to spill it and slip it in and slip it down and you’re good to go once the Brawn cleaner a new liquid has been installed you really don’t have to take it out again until it has run out so you can see the display on the left the top light is lit up indicating that up to 30 cleaning sessions are left that the second light was lit up then up to seven cleaning sessions are left and if the bottom one is lit up then of course your clean of a new system needs to be replaced when you’re finished up your shave you’re just going to take your shaver line up the back two prawns with the prawns in the base slip it in and you’ll see that the lights light up on the right so this shaver is clean that’s why the top light is lit up if it needed a small clean the second light would light up third light for a medium clean and the bottom line for a more thorough clean so you’ll notice that after every shave you’re typically going to have the top light lit up and these cleaning processes run about 30 to 40 minutes and of course there is a quick clean button this one right here and that’s going to run for about 25 seconds so it is much faster if you needed your shaver cleaned right away and what’s great is that once you put the shaver in the base it also charges it so you can see that the top right there that’s the battery indication light so this one is fully charged so in about 10 minutes it’s going to go on standby because it is clean and charged and if it needs to be clean what’s good is that it won’t start cleaning until you press the start button so this will allow you to charge the shaver without running it through the cleaning system because you can also clean the shaver manually which we’ll get to right now now it’s always going to be recommended that you do clean the shaver after every time you use it so if you’re not going to use the base and you’re going to conserve some of that bran cleaner a new liquid or if you’re traveling you don’t want to use these other two techniques to clean your shaver so the first one is simply by removing that oil and you’re going to take the brush and just gently remove any stubble it’s in there so there’s a release button clip that down pull the foil off and inside you’re going to gently remove any stubble that’s in there and once you’re done you can just clip oil back on okay and the other way is to run it under warm water while it’s on and just put the shaving head under the water both sides and then you’re going to release the cap and let it dry now one thing that they do recommend if you do clean the shaver with running water quite often then you’re going to want to periodically put some machine oil on the top of the shaver head here probably once a week that’s if you’re going to use the running water technique to clean the shaver so it’s always recommended to clean the shaver leaving the shaver uncleaned is is a way to certainly cause problems down the line with the shape or so if you don’t use the base then use one of these two techniques after every shave let’s go over the design and some of the specs of the electric shaver you see it has a nice high-tech design fits really well in the hand not too big not too small bronze pulsonic Technology is found within the head of the razor 10000 micro vibrations per minute this is going to allow you get a very close shave it helps lift hairs off your face so prevents tugging and pulling works really well the head pivots back and forth so this is again good for shaving the contours of your face around your neck and chin area and also there’s a locking mechanism so you can lock it in place so good for your neck and upper lip it does come with a pop-up trimmer and usually these aren’t too favorable among reviews from a lot of people however this one does work well at trimming the sideburns or trimming down your moustache area on the bottom you can see the display for the battery and the hygiene level this one is fully charged and cleaned and lastly there is a plus and minus button here which allows you to go from three settings it’s usually recommended that you’re going to want to use the most powerful setting however if you’re new to electric shavers a very sensitive skin you might want to test it out on the lower settings and if you’ve come from a rotary shaver or disposable razors it’s usually recommended that you use these razors for about one to three weeks to get used to them so if you use it once and it’s a bit irritating and you’re going to have to grind it out for a week to perhaps get used to it personally before I use this Braun I was shaving with a disposable razor for about a month or so jumped onto this and no problems at all okay as you can see I’ve got about 1 days worth of stubble right here okay good days growth and we’re going to go ahead and test the shaver out and let’s see how it perform you okay so you can see they’re just finishing up very very smooth shape very happy with it super smooth I’m up and down really really smooth next pretty good too what you’ll find is you don’t get a lot of irritation on the neck usually with disposable razors and kind of hit or miss with with the irritation on the neck not here at all very very nice and smooth you’ll notice that I was pressing pretty hard that’s one of the things that you’re going to have to do is if you have kind of thick facial hair like mine’s pretty thick you’re going to just have to press down and press it in pretty good but other than that nice smooth shave just some final thoughts on the braun series 779 DCC overall is a great shaver and i do recommend it if it meets your budget it is a bit more expensive than the other models it retails for about two hundred and sixty nine dollars but online you can find it for a bit cheaper than that there is the added expense of the clean and renew cartridges like we talked about it’s about $5 a month personally I’m happy to pay that I’m happy to have my shaver clean sterilized after every use you can stretch that to about five dollars every two months and of course like we talked about if you keep the cap and kind of remove the liquid you could just use the clean renew once a week so that expense is there but there are ways around it the overall shaving experience I’m super smooth my cheeks are very smooth very close on the lip and chin area even the neck area is quite smooth maybe not as smooth as a razor on the neck but the fact that there’s no irritation is that it’s a huge bonus for that so that’s it I think if it meets your budget if you want a high-quality shaving unit with all the perks then I would definitely recommend the braun series 7 790 CC and i hope that you get the same results as eigene and if you’d like to read the full review or find other electric shaver reviews you can click the link in the description or you can go directly to electric shaver guide.com thanks a lot