everyone today I’m reviewing the Braun Series 5 550 CC it’s a mouthful it is an electric shaver also has a beard trimmer right there as you can see I’m pretty scruffy my hair is shooting straight up like I just stuck my finger in a light socket so this is the perfect time to really test out how this shaver works so I’m just going to do a quick demo and highlight a few features first you have your on/off button right there you have some indicator lights down the side that show how much battery have and also once we put into our cleaning mechanism it’ll show us when it’s done cleaning you have these two little buttons right here that you can take off your screen there are the blades and run that through water but if you have the cleaning mechanism you don’t really need to and then also like I showed you a minute ago this is the beard trimmer so when you’re finished shaving and also you want to charge it you put it into this little station right here goes in like that it’s a little skewed you can see it’ll show you when it’s done charging all that I’m going to push this button on the side here and show you they clean and renew this is a bucket of nasty liquid right now but basically this liquid will shoot up into your shaver and clean it when you push this button when you finish shaving it does take a little bit of time to dry so you know make sure you’re really finished shaving put a little charge in here and also if you want to pull this little guy out you can plug it into your actual razor when you travel so don’t have to travel with this and risk spilling this in your suitcase and all that so I’m going to just do a quick demo shaving I’m going to show you one half of my face and trim up the goatee here real quick so you can see how quick and easy it is to shave I’m going to start with the beard trimmer attachment since it’s so long just the about even though you could go right in with it there we go one of the great things about this shaver is it never pulls on me I had a series 3 from Prague prior to this as well as inner Elko before that and Elko pulled a lot the series 3 not as much but still pulled this one pulls not at all so much just being at the motor inside this shaver is much better also kind of just do a little trim here it’s so strong I barely have to touch the hair ok I’m going to switch now to this blade shaver actual shaver not too trimmer it goes pretty quickly here I did myself a haircut with it but I’m not that skilled as you need a haircut though going for the Einstein look the other thing is I never hardly ever get any bleeding or discomfort on my face anymore let’s switch the trimmer because like I said the motor is so good doesn’t do any pulling also the cleaning which I’ll show you what I’m finished here when you put it anything and hit the button basically sterilizing your neighbor as well so I noticed decrease bumps on the shave surface from there and I think we’ll call that even so here’s the shaved part here’s the unshaven part so as you can see it does a pretty good job and really quick when I’m finished I would put it right here push that button it’s going to shoot some of this liquid into the shaver and I have included links to these these are you know it’s not too expensive and lasts me about four months without needing to replace them so the battery let I wanted to mention battery life as well battery life is really good I basically have gone to three four days with this and still not run out of power when I’ve traveled so overall it’s a great shaver best I’ve had I’m glad I upgraded from the 3 to the 5 it’s the Braun Series 5 550 CC great shaver