[Music] hello everyone welcome to our new video today we’re going to be checking out the top five best electric shavers I made this list based on their prices features and many more things I’ve listed all of them down in the description below so you can go check out my we also offer monthly giveaway so if you want to get the chance subscribe to this channel okay so let’s stop at number 5 we have the brown series five five zero nine zero see see the brown series 5 integrates a power drive feature for high-speed cutting even on dancing it has a lot of motor power so the razor supplies enough power to shape everything the powerful rechargeable li-ion battery is fully charged in one hour for up to 45 minutes of corn let’s change the shaver effectively captures and cut a problem here especially in the neck and chin areas to deliver a close shave that lasts longer that’s very important so I give a big thumbs up to this trailer because it has a lot of great features at number four we have the film’s Norelco shaver 6800 design the follow the curves of your face this wet/dry electric shaver use guy reflects to these two-dimensional contouring technology to private in a circular motion and tilting inwards this contour following system adjusts easily to every minimizing both pressure and engage the result is a close shave as easier on your skin this shaver lets you shave any way you want the aqua tech seal gives you the option of either comfortable dry shape or refreshing wet shape ok shaving cream algae and number three we have the Philip Norelco shaver 9300 this shaver can be considered one of the best shavers that philips has produced with a unique contour detect tech technology each shaving head moves in eight direction to follow your faces every curve this will allow you to have a clean of these not many shavers can do this so it’s a big plus for the Norelco 9300 another good thing is that it has a very powerful lithium-ion battery which delivers 50 minutes of Shaving after one just one hour of charge and five minute quick quick charge can be enough to shave once at number 2 we have the panasonic es 8 1 0 @ vs this is a great electric razor is a three blade shaving system which can reach hair on every part of your face it has 30 degree angle blades which lets it cut hair at its base with accurate precision the Panasonic shaver has a fast linear motor to eliminate the tugging and pulling that can occur with slower electric razors while maintaining the peak power right up until the end of the charge to finish off our list at number one we have the bronze 3 7 7 9 0 CC form it has for shaving heads each specialized for a different type of facial hair capturing capturing even the most stubborn hair in one stroke that’s very good thing because too many strokes in cause skin irritation and with the braun series 7 that doesn’t have the smart shaver technology is also a great thing that the shaver has because it basically adapt to your beer it will provide extra power for the tensor spots and less power for the easier spot so I definitely say that this shaver deserves the number one spot and is the best shave initiative thank you for watching guys I hope you liked the video you can find links to all these products down in description below and as I mentioned before we are doing monthly giveaways on this channel so if you want to have a chance to win leave a like and subscribe to this channel thank you again for watching