hey everybody hope you having a great day and today I am doing a review on the sweet L F electric shaver it is ipx7 means it is able to get water on it and rinse under the faucet or as I did I shaved in the shower as you can see I am all shaving good to go and I will share my experience both using this on a dry face as well as in the shower but before I actually show that to you and give you my final thoughts just wanted to share with you the highlights of the product and then show you what’s included now I haven’t shaved with an electric shaver in well over 20 years 25 years probably and back in the day those electric shavers were not that great they didn’t do a very good job so I’ve always just stuck with the traditional razor so I didn’t know what to really expect but I know that they’ve improved the technology and it really piqued my interest to see about this one it looked real nice and it’s a Branden never heard of so thought I’d give a shot so first of all it’s not a very heavy product in the hand and actually holds very nice you could see cosmetically really very very nice it’s got a very simple on and off button and what’s great is when you press the button you can actually get the battery indicator life now I’ve gone through a full shave and it’s still at a hundred percent there and it does give you the indicator so 80 180 60 40 20 and then off so it’s great and again when you turn off you can see and then eventually this will dim off it just turned off so very simple there’s not a lot of buttons you have a three-piece actually this is the razor protector so just got to be careful when pulling this off if you seem to pull it from the bottom it pulls the razor sometimes up and you can see that might pop up no big deal you just push that back down this is again they cover plastic cover and the the three headed razor so you could see the inside this has a knob that you could turn this and pop off the blades now I did ask the company of replacements as of right now they don’t have any but if you need and you can contact them they can get you some for the company I would suggest to have those in stock especially you know you selling the electric razor you want to have people to have access to those they should need more then on the back you’ve got this trimmer it doesn’t vibrate or anything it’s just if you need to just cut or you know maybe under under the nose whatever it might be this trimmer so you have that there so again very nice and then on the bottom you’ve got the USB connector which you then could then charge it’s not doesn’t have a standard wall charger so as long as you have a USB connector or a wall USB connector you could charge that I was a little worried because there’s no cover would there be any issues if water got there in the company said no it should be fine and by the way on the back so this is a shiny obviously plastic material on the back it does have a more of a rubberized feel so it feels very nice in the hand the whole the whole razor really just feels great on the hand I like the shape of it and they’ve done a nice a very nice job and cleaning was very simple again you it’s got this button by the way you could push in and that opens the top so if you’re not going to get it wet it does come with a brush that you can clean with when I was actually shaving in the shower and when it rinsed it got all the hair out and then what you might want to do is when you’re done shaving in the shower just made me blow-dry it and get any of the wetness out or just let it you know hang dry but I think blow drying is a good idea so so very nice very nice looking product now as I mentioned it does come with a brush it also comes with this very nice travel sleeve this is almost like a very silky smooth like very similar material that you would use for cleaning your glasses with as you can see it would go in there and it can stay protected you also have the user manual that it comes with and they’ve done a nice job there it looks like let me just see here as as I didn’t have need to really read the instructions it was pretty self-explanatory but it does come in other languages and then you have this more information on the back without giving feedback and then the warranty card and then the box it’s a very simple box nice box it’s actually uh it’s really well made and it might be nice when you’re when you’re not using your razor if you want to just keep it in this box it has this nice foam material so before I give you my final thoughts let you go ahead and watch the video with me actually using it and then I will be back to share my overall thoughts so here you go okay so I’m going to go ahead and try it partially on my dry face and then I will be trying it in the shower so let’s go ahead and give it a try a loop and just felt it pulling my hair ooh that hurts it’s got to get used to this just felt it pulling now it’s okay so I’m noticing on having to go over the area a little bit and then if I need to shave anything underneath here I can just try this out I guess it doesn’t move it just it’s just a cutter no just keep going okay so I’m in the shower and as you could say got shaving cream on I’m going to go ahead and try with the shaving cream see how well it works it is a waterproof electric razor see how well it does here now obviously again you have a regular razor versus an electric I would gather most the time it’s going to be a smoother shave but you know this could come in handy the way I would see it is in times of quick needs if your your hair hasn’t grown out that much but we’ll see I’m just going over and just feeling my face so you can actually see it is smooth I’m not feeling any initially I felt some pulls but that was when I first tried it but have not felt any pull since then so it’s so much smooth it’s just going to take a lot of time going over and over and then see how it does on the neck but this will least give you an idea what to expect so what I’m going to do is continue shaving with it here in the shower just wanted you to see it can be used in the shower and you know it’s smoothing out I’m not feeling any irritation so far there didn’t feel irritation from when I shaved earlier when it was dry so that’s a good sign but so far so good so I’m going to continue shaving I’m going to let the water run so I could let it steam back up and then I will be back give me my final thoughts okay so you see I got to use the razor both on a dry face as well as in the shower with shaving gel and by the way this also the razor when it came in the package was in this plastic bag so my final thoughts are that this really exceeded my expectations I mean much better than I thought when I use the razor when I was dry I didn’t feel like it did as good of a job but once I used it with the gel you know it really did a very nice job I’m really impressed even under the nose area which is usually hard and so I’m impressed I mean it’s not perfect but I’ll tell you what it’s it’s did a very good job I mean I really am impressed I will definitely be using this a lot more and really glad to have the opportunity to use it and share with you I really I’m kind of speechless a little bit I don’t have feel like I have any irritation I did put on an aftershave but nice product you’ll find that you do have to go over the area you know several times but the good part is it just for me I didn’t feel any irritation because of that so let me know if you have any questions but you know this is a really nice alternative you know maybe just save so money don’t need to get a brand name you can try a nice new product and it’s well-made just need to make sure that there is available replacement blades should you I need them alright everybody I hope this was of help please let me know if you have any questions I hope you have a great smooth shaving day thanks so much for watching take care