wikidot ezvid comm search ezvid wiki before you decide easy bid presents the 10 best electric shavers let’s get started with the list starting of our list at number 10 the Braun smart control is available at an affordable price and is designed to capture long facial hair while delivering decent cutting to the many contours of your face however it can require multiple passes for a close shave it comes with an extra wide shaver head and easily adjusts to pressure on the face however the vibration and noise level are a tad excessive at number 9 the Panasonic ERG be faulty can be used wet or dry and has an adjustable dial with 19 different length settings water shutters for quick maintenance and a rubberized grip making it easy to hold but it takes a very long time to charge it comes with hypoallergenic blades and three comb attachments the battery’s not lithium-ion though coming in at number eight on our list the lithium power darfur offers unique power flex 360 degree technology that allows the whole shaver head and its twin-track blades to adjust due any angle on your face without excessive irritation but the motor isn’t very powerful it charges quickly and runs for 45 minutes and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee however the power cord it comes with is very bulky to see all this stuff go to wicked easy vidcom and search for electric shavers or click beneath this video at number 7 backed by a two-year warranty the Remington f5 5800 has many convenient features built into its design including an LED battery level indicator flexible blades and an integrated interceptor trimmer but it’s a bit on the noisy side it comes with surgical steel quality blades and runs for 60 minutes on a single charge but the pop up side trimmer is a bit difficult to use moving up outlets to number six the Panasonic ESL f51 has a four blade file cutting system with an illuminated five stage LCD that shows battery status and quickly rinses clean under running water it does need to be recharged often though it’s a sleek an ergonomic design that also includes a safety lock however the side trimmer is rather flimsy halfway of our list at number five although replacing the heads is expensive than the railco 7300 is still a good shaver for sensitive skin thanks to its anti friction microbead coating and gentle precision blades ensure effortless gliding over your face the shaving heads move in five directions and it comes with a built in LED low battery indicator but the motors not as powerful as some other models at number four the braun series 7 has three built-in personalization modes for adjusting the type of shave from sensitive to intense depending on your needs it’s sonic technology automatically increases power in rougher areas but it’s also quite pricey it’s a very versatile design that’s powered by a lithium ion battery however the cleaning station is somewhat bulky nearing the top of our list at number three at its heart Panasonic’s Arc v has been constructed with a five blade ultra thin foil cutting system with 30 degree blades and a pivoting head which all work together to provide you with a superior shaving experience this one’s made in Japan and has a 14,000 cycles per minute linear motor drive it comes with its own carrying case to see all this stuff go to wicked easy vidcom and search for electric shavers or click beneath this video at number two the Norelco 5:9 3-1-1 offers a wet or dry shaving system designed to cut your facial hair up to 30% closer than its competition thanks to its newly designed precision blades it’s smart clean system also lubricates and charges your shaver it features eight independently moving shaver heads and three adjustable speed settings it’s both comfortable and easy to use and taking the top spot on our list designed with innovative synchros sonic technology that uses sonic micro vibrations the Braun series 9 delivers up to 40,000 cross cutting actions per minute for the most thorough shave possible it comes with flexible cutting elements and a 5 action clean and charged station it’s also waterproof at up to 5 metres deep to see all their stuff go to wicked easy be calm and search for electric shavers or click beneath this video